Play Date

There was a time when, if you said Play Date, you would get a side long look (think Hugh, Playboy Mansion, 1970’s).  We didn’t need Play Dates to play, we just…well, played.  You got home, finished your homework, did your chores and then the world was yours.  Knock on doors, stand in the street and yell, head over to the gathering place…it didn’t take much to have a group of fellas (or dames) around you in no time.  You ate wherever there was food, you swam in pools, rode bikes to strange far away places (2 or 3 blocks away) and exhausted yourself until the street lights came on and you heard the call of Moms’ hollering out the door for their respective children to come home for dinner.

Life aint that simple any more.  Even adults need to make play dates just to have fun.  Think about the last time you just stopped by a friends house or headed out into the night to see who was hanging about.

I am blessed with some very close friends.  Last year I was able to have a ‘play date’ at least twice a month with most of them.  One of my favorites was a campout.  Not only am I a Scoutmaster for 127 Scouts but I also have many Adult assistants.  When the Scouts are running a good program, we can relax.  And relax we did many a weekend in 2015.  There is nothing better than pulling out your campchair, grabbing your knife and a stick and sitting around the fire until the skies are clear, the Scouts are quiet and the night is just starting…

Everyone needs to take time for themselves, get a regular group together for a meal, some drinks and lots of laughs.  It’s a time to unwind, to cut loose, to relax and above all have fun!

Part of #ThinkKit16 You know the story about all work and no play… How did you play with others this year? Let your hair down and share how you escaped for an hour, a day, or more.



In My Eyes…


It’s a simple picture that, like all of them, is worth a thousand words.  This is a trail at Mounds State Park in Anderson, IN.  It was taken on a nice summer day, a little after noon.  This picture represents everything 2015 was to me…FREEDOM.

First, it’s the outdoors.  If you know me, then you know my love for being outside.  There is nothing like spending time in the woods.  The freedom from the mundane, indoor, connected life is invigorating.

Then, it’s after noon on a Tuesday or Wednesday…freedom of the new job.  I traveled that day to scout a site for an event.  Grabbed a bite to eat and then took a noon-time hike (only 15 minutes) to enjoy my lunch under the trees.  Not something I could have done in the past 25 years.  To be able to just have 30 minutes to one’s self is something I am not familiar with, yet enjoy immensely.

Finally, the freedom to actually walk the trail without aches, pains, breathlessness.  I have a long way to go in my weightloss journey but even the baby steps I have taken have made huge changes in my life.


#ThinkKit16 is a daily blogging challenge: Share a photo or paint us a picture with words. Show us something from your year through your eyes. Did you see something that took your breath away? Or maybe you just couldn’t look away?


Rock, Paper, Scissors…

#ThinkKit16  “What did you do with your hands this year…”

I live for technology.  I am an ALPHA when it comes to software, hardware, anyware.  Be it Google or Tablets or Social Media or Wearables or TVs I want to be first and I want it now.

But the other side of that is I love the outdoors, I love crafting things, I love creating.  To that end, I try to always have a knife and wood at hand.  I am not very good; I can usually make a small smooth stick out of a bigger, rougher stick; but I love the feel of working with your hands.

I love everything in the outdoors because there is no APP for that.  I have to pack my own gear, build my own tent, cook my own food.  I need to build a fire for heat, collect wood/water and anything else I might need to survive.  It is a good thing, at the end of the day, to look upon your camp and realize YOU did it.  How you sleep/eat and survive all depends on how will you did.  No dialing Pizza delivery or room service here.

When you do well and get everything done you always have time to sit and whittle.  To me that is the ultimate accomplishment.  You used your hands building and setting up camp to create free time, to use your hands to create anything you can imagine.

Want to use your hands more in 2016?  Drop the phone/tablet/pc and get outside!

2015 In Review


2015 was the year I was CHANGE.  Weight loss and gain, Scouting adventures, new challenges and experiences with family.  All pale in comparison with the big change in March.  I left 25 years in television (I was a Director, newscasts, lifestyle shows, etc) and joined Goodwill.  Now I work with Churches, HOAs, Schools, Colleges, Businesses and other Organizations to organize Donation Drives and teach others about the Goodwill Mission.

Nothing and everything has prepared me for this year.  It has been quite the adventure.  I was blessed with a great TV Career and left at the top of my game.  Now I have an opportunity to redefine who and what I am.  To truly have an impact on my community and to make a difference in the lives of others each and every day.

Give us the 30,000 foot view. Or, hone in on a few highlights. Let’s bring last year to life before moving on to what’s ahead.

A Thousand Words


Today’s #THINKKIT prompt is “The Year In Photos”.  I love photography and have been using cameras since the 1970’s with simple 110 point and click cameras, then moving up to fixed lens 35mm, Kodak Disc and then Digital (I paid $1000 for a 1.2 MP Canon…yes 1.2 MP).  I looked and looked and found pictures that told the story of my 2014, pictures of Spain, of West Point, of my son performing a musical piece he had written.  Pictures of holidays celebrated, birthdays honored, baseball, football and one soccer game.  Twelve months of campouts (I am a Scoutmaster) from caving, canoing, hiking, building survival shelters and visiting National Parks.  Let’s not forget the vacations and the every day mundane Instagram posts of food, funny and family.
However I decided to go with this picture.  This is my wife and I on our first solo Vacation in many many many years.  We went to the Great Smoky Mountains.  We hiked the trails, saw waterfalls, ate in small towns and drank tons of moonshine.  One evening as the sun set and we had hiked 8 miles we saw a small waterfall off a parking lot.  After a short hike to the top and with the sun quickly dropping below a mountain top I grabbed my point and shoot (not phone) and took an arm length selfie.  I hit burst and took 4 photos (each one had that damn sunspot on my nose) but this shot showed me my wife in a different light.  She is my rock, the smarter half, the quicker half, the better half.  My love for her is endless, as her’s is for me.  But in this picture, this single second of time I see the way her hand grabs me, the way her head fits in my shoulder, the look in her eyes (even hidden behind the glasses) and that slight smile that says a lot even after 25 years with her.
This picture is worth more than a thousand words, more than a million and yet, to me, says just one.