Good Deeds

“Do a Good Turn Daily” is the Boy Scout Slogan.  Every Scoutmaster Conference I have with a Scout I ask them the same 4 questions first:  repeat the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Scout Motto and the Scout Slogan.  When they tell me the Slogan I then ask them what their Good Turn was that day.  The answers are many and range from “held open the door for someone”, “helped mom bring in the groceries”; or “stopped and helped someone pick up their books in the hall”.  It is usually a variation on the classic Boy Scout image of a young man in uniform helping a little old lady across the street.  Often the response is different; like the one I heard recently.  “Spend more time with my sister.”  I told the Scout that while it’s good to spend time with family why is it a ‘good deed’.  He replied that she is special needs and that if he can play with her for an hour then his Mom can get a break and relax.

It takes effort to do your good deed and help others.  It takes a greater kind of effort AND awareness to know when help is needed.  So continue to hold open those doors, carry those packages and help little ole’ ladies across the streets, but also take the time to really KNOW the people in your lives.  They are the ones that are most in need of your help and you are in the best position to provide it.

If everyone took the time to look closer to home, we call can make a difference in our home, our community and eventually the world.


Part of #ThinkKit2016 Explore a good deed – yours, or one from someone else. How is the world better for it?



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