In My Eyes…


It’s a simple picture that, like all of them, is worth a thousand words.  This is a trail at Mounds State Park in Anderson, IN.  It was taken on a nice summer day, a little after noon.  This picture represents everything 2015 was to me…FREEDOM.

First, it’s the outdoors.  If you know me, then you know my love for being outside.  There is nothing like spending time in the woods.  The freedom from the mundane, indoor, connected life is invigorating.

Then, it’s after noon on a Tuesday or Wednesday…freedom of the new job.  I traveled that day to scout a site for an event.  Grabbed a bite to eat and then took a noon-time hike (only 15 minutes) to enjoy my lunch under the trees.  Not something I could have done in the past 25 years.  To be able to just have 30 minutes to one’s self is something I am not familiar with, yet enjoy immensely.

Finally, the freedom to actually walk the trail without aches, pains, breathlessness.  I have a long way to go in my weightloss journey but even the baby steps I have taken have made huge changes in my life.


#ThinkKit16 is a daily blogging challenge: Share a photo or paint us a picture with words. Show us something from your year through your eyes. Did you see something that took your breath away? Or maybe you just couldn’t look away?



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