Rock, Paper, Scissors…

#ThinkKit16  “What did you do with your hands this year…”

I live for technology.  I am an ALPHA when it comes to software, hardware, anyware.  Be it Google or Tablets or Social Media or Wearables or TVs I want to be first and I want it now.

But the other side of that is I love the outdoors, I love crafting things, I love creating.  To that end, I try to always have a knife and wood at hand.  I am not very good; I can usually make a small smooth stick out of a bigger, rougher stick; but I love the feel of working with your hands.

I love everything in the outdoors because there is no APP for that.  I have to pack my own gear, build my own tent, cook my own food.  I need to build a fire for heat, collect wood/water and anything else I might need to survive.  It is a good thing, at the end of the day, to look upon your camp and realize YOU did it.  How you sleep/eat and survive all depends on how will you did.  No dialing Pizza delivery or room service here.

When you do well and get everything done you always have time to sit and whittle.  To me that is the ultimate accomplishment.  You used your hands building and setting up camp to create free time, to use your hands to create anything you can imagine.

Want to use your hands more in 2016?  Drop the phone/tablet/pc and get outside!


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