A Thousand Words


Today’s #THINKKIT prompt is “The Year In Photos”.  I love photography and have been using cameras since the 1970’s with simple 110 point and click cameras, then moving up to fixed lens 35mm, Kodak Disc and then Digital (I paid $1000 for a 1.2 MP Canon…yes 1.2 MP).  I looked and looked and found pictures that told the story of my 2014, pictures of Spain, of West Point, of my son performing a musical piece he had written.  Pictures of holidays celebrated, birthdays honored, baseball, football and one soccer game.  Twelve months of campouts (I am a Scoutmaster) from caving, canoing, hiking, building survival shelters and visiting National Parks.  Let’s not forget the vacations and the every day mundane Instagram posts of food, funny and family.
However I decided to go with this picture.  This is my wife and I on our first solo Vacation in many many many years.  We went to the Great Smoky Mountains.  We hiked the trails, saw waterfalls, ate in small towns and drank tons of moonshine.  One evening as the sun set and we had hiked 8 miles we saw a small waterfall off a parking lot.  After a short hike to the top and with the sun quickly dropping below a mountain top I grabbed my point and shoot (not phone) and took an arm length selfie.  I hit burst and took 4 photos (each one had that damn sunspot on my nose) but this shot showed me my wife in a different light.  She is my rock, the smarter half, the quicker half, the better half.  My love for her is endless, as her’s is for me.  But in this picture, this single second of time I see the way her hand grabs me, the way her head fits in my shoulder, the look in her eyes (even hidden behind the glasses) and that slight smile that says a lot even after 25 years with her.
This picture is worth more than a thousand words, more than a million and yet, to me, says just one.

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